There are very few books on the market that are written towards men. You may find book that are aimed to sway men away from masculinity or to encourage them to engage in emotional relationships, but the two books that I wrote encourages masculinity and gives men the proper perspective to thrive in our culture. Both books are available here on Amazon.

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Free Agent Lifestyle 

The Free Agent Lifestyle is a guide for men who are looking to improve their lives, not with the intentions of pursuing and impressive others, but for themselves. This lifestyle can be a temporary sabbatical from the plantation of expectation, commitment and pursuing women or it can be a lifetime change. There is no greater form of empowerment to have than to realize that this life has so much more to offer those that live free.

DeEv Cover

DeEvolution: Feminism’s Reverse Engineering Of American Women

The centuries long psychological Civil War between men and women are starting to show its results. After decades of pursuing and achieving equality, the so-called women’s movement has caused more of a wedge between the sexes as opposed to bringing them closer to together. With the decline in marital rates and divorce rates along with the increase in divorce rates and single motherhood, Coach Greg Adams takes us through the failures of feminism to highlight the fact that women have not progressed closer to men, they have descended further.

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