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All my work is gone! Just like that? I’m still not sure what happened to be honest with you. But, my previous blog was eliminated from the internet, never to be found again.

Well, to be fair, it wasn’t something that I spent a lot of time working on or prioritizing for that matter. But, I had major plans for it. Every week, I would look at my production schedule and think, “I need to commit a few hours a week on my blog.” Of course, weeks would pass and I wouldn’t even look at it.

It wasn’t until I checked the links on my website that I discovered that the blog was completely gone and the links were busted. Like this blog, the original blog was produced on WordPress, but instead of being a stand alone blog, it was linked directly through my Yahoo web hosting site. Apparently, Yahoo no longer allows WordPress to be managed through their platform directly? Who knows? But I’ve been semi-investigating this issue to determine the exact reason, however it was one of the many things that I’ve needed to do, and the investigation itself got put on the back burner. Just another task on a long list of things to accomplish.

Being a one-man band with a new, growing platform has its issues. I’ve never being much of a delegator and I’ve had to consider hiring an assistant or outsourcing tasks to a hustling virtual assistant who probably lives in another timezone overseas. But, much of my content is produced at my home and needs to have a personal touch. The personal touch is what connects with the audience. Many of my subscribers or followers are not looking for business solutions, or even products for that matter. They are looking for solutions to issues in their personal life. They are also looking for people they can relate to that have shared common experiences. Sure, some of them can be sold some tangible “products” and merchandise. Some may purchase them out of loyalty to support your platform. However, an assistant overseas or a business manager/publicist wouldn’t make my life easier, it may actually muddy the waters and complicate things if they do not understand the speed of social media.

Content creators can be relatable one day and an afterthought the next. I’ve seen “business partners” and even ex-girlfriends or spouses delete entire channels because of a personal fallout. Some take to the airwaves to direct attacks against their former partners because they were disgruntled.

The time that it would take to discuss what needs to get done would hamper the production of my original content. Add to the fact that I also work a full-time job, my schedule is extremely tight and training an assistant does not seem possible. And, honestly, I don’t have enough work to support a full-time assistant and that would result in a revolving door of personalities that I would have to train and re-train. And, because the content is the main event, more or less, my needs are for someone who’d desire to focus on majoring in the minor tasks and not get involved in the overall production. Having partners in social media requires infinite trust, an understanding of hierarchy and a willingness to work around the clock. And, most of it is free work.

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Successful business-men, turned content creators like Gary Vee (Vaynerchuk) and Grant Cardone may have a team of assistance helping them and I would love to grow my brand in a way that can rival them. At the same time, I have to realize that they had businesses that thrived that allowed them to hire assistants early in the process.

With that being said, my task list is not shrinking any time soon, it’s actually growing exponentially. Every time I set a new goal to produce and grow a YouTube channel or create more content, more tasks get added to my list. For some, content creation alone is a daunting task. For me, that’s the easy part.

As my audience and support grows, so do the emails, comments, social media direct messages, requests for collaborations, business ideas and sponsorship inquiries. This is where my ambition collides with the realities of “success.” Content creators must protect  their image and brand like a guard at Fort Knox and stay vigilant against willing “partners,” rotating “assistants,” and people looking to break into content creating by offering “help.”  It’s also not a place for slick salesmen looking to capitalize on your audience’s personal connection with you. It’s a place for hustlers! It’s very grassroots and creators are connecting personally to their audience and that connection must be maintained. They can feel when they are receiving marketing emails or scripts that are meant to hard sell products. They want to hang out with you, not go to a sales seminar every time you appear on screen. Soft selling is always game, but the hard sell model is not going to work. And, the audience knows when you’ve hired someone to reply to their emails or when you’ve been paid by a sponsor to “sell” something that is indirectly tied to your content. So, creating content many times is a lonely task and some goals never get accomplished or slip through the cracks.

Nevertheless, my original blog is gone. I understand the importance of having written version of my videos and podcast online because the majority of my catalog is either in video format or podcasts.  A blog or website is not the mothership, but having a decent blog could bring traffic to my video content through keywords and Search Engine Optimization. And since I’m a published author as well, it only makes sense to have a blog to partner with everything else that I produce.

So, here we go again! My Free Agent Lifestyle blog 2.0 is here. Please excuse the on-going construction. Enjoy!


A bartender friend of mine and I were discussing female nature, their promiscuity and how men interpret femininity and women’s behavior. This friend has been serving drinks in bars and nightclubs for the past 13 years and he wanted me to address this on my platforms. This is a big issue for men to understand and more importantly, to accept because a lot of men still operate on the idea that women are sugar and spice…and everything nice. They blindly accept the concept of trust in relationships and continue to allow women to hold the moral high ground in relationships. The fact is, women cheat and behave equally as poor as men, however the narrative in media, music and movies is that men are the assholes. Accepting that women are capable of exercising bad judgment in these settings flies in the face of our social conditioning.

Cleverly called “Girl’s Night Out,” it would appear that these so-called hard working women and stay-at-home moms need a cheat meal alone or with their gal pals away from their stringent diet of being in caged in relationships that they didn’t desire. All they need is a slap of the makeup pallet, a tight black dress and high heels to accomplish this.  Many men still listen to women and choose to believe that their committed partner would never take advantage of her hypergamous nature in a testosterone, alcohol and drug infused setting. Other men have smartened up and call bulls*t on the partners stepping out without them.

Despite what a woman’s reasoning is in regards to her “real” intentions for dipping her toe into Chad and Tyrone’s tank (“I just want to go dancing and let off some steam), here are the three reasons, and only reasons why women go to bars and clubs.

Reason #1: Women go to bars and clubs for free attention & validation. It doesn’t matter who the man is in this setting, attention is attention. What men must accept is that attention is a woman’s currency. This is how they’ve been able to thrive and survive, because with attention, women are able to extract much needed resources from men. Resources that they would’ve otherwise needed to work for.  Some women are looking to see if they still got it and others are curious to see what level they can still get it. Add a bit of pulsating music, alcohol and suggestive ass shaking, just enough free attention will find her. Men filled with liquid courage are eager to approach said ass shaker looking for an easy lay. She may get a little attention at Starbucks or the grocery store during the day, but the level of free attention in this setting is unmatched. 

Reason #2: Women go to bars and clubs are to get free drinks and entertainment. Get drunk on another person’s dime? I couldn’t even pass this up! However, this is not what I should expect as a normal occurrence, yet consuming alcohol and partying for very little money is an entitlement for woman. The idea of “Ladies Night” allows women to go out with no money in their pocketbook, plop onto a bar stool and get free drinks provided to them. Every now and then, this backfires and they end up having to fork over $20-$30 bucks. Even some of the bartenders might be in on the game and are willing to provide them bottom shelf liquor so that, in due time, enough men will see her at the bar drinking and over the course of the night, may approach and pay for additional drinks. And, this is where the entertainment comes in. There will be no shortage of men attempting to worm their way into conversations that they believe will end in a drunk woman dropping her panties. This flirty banter is a win-win for her. It could be silly and inconsequential, especially if she gives up nothing. The only way she loses is if she ends up on her back at the end of the night with a loser. But, she wins if she can leave with a belly full of free booze, plenty of attention and a wet spot in her panties.

Reason #3: Women are looking to hook-up and get cheap dick from men. The more high-status that male, the better. Outside of dating apps, bars and clubs are the easiest place to hook up right now. While dating apps are a rest haven for overweight women and single mothers looking for a bail out plan, younger single and older married women prefer the bars and clubs because they can easily cash in on drinks, attention and dick in one setting. While she might reject 99% of the men that approach her, she is still being awarded with attention currency and if she sticks around long enough, an alpha or high status male could deliver on all three of her reasons for being there. If that alpha does not appear, then she could earn trust points with her husband or boyfriend by proving that she resisted every man. But, she only resisted because there were no alphas worth of her marital P-sleeve that night.

Any other reason that a women gives you for wanting to go to a nightclub for Girls Night Out, outside of these three reasons, are outright lies. They’re not going there to dance, have fun, conversations or listen to music.  The amount of wives and girlfriends that use this as a reason to grind their asses all over Chad’s dick is nauseating. “I miss my younger years having your kids, and they’re driving me crazy, so I need my time out alone,” she says. She then leaves her husband at home with the kids on Friday night with the possibility of her getting her back blown out should the low budget version of “The Rock” show up. 

This is why I tell guys, don’t accept that Girls Night Out stuff from your wife or your girlfriend when she talks about going to have drinks, to relax or listen to music. You can do that at the book store or with your Apple music. Her and her girls can go to the library, take a cooking class, set up a book club or have a game night in someone’s living room. Or, she can get another husband or boyfriend. Make sure she understands that you will not accept it and be willing to give her her walking papers if she chooses otherwise. 

If men look hard enough, they’ll even find that their wife or girlfriend are going to GNO with the intentions of having rendezvous with men they’ve already met on previous nights. Her text messages, WhatsApp, Instagram DM and SnapChat will easily reveal this.  

Guys, you’ve got to get this through your head. Women are shady!  They are out there having sex, doing Monkey Double Backflips on other men and getting ramrodded in parking lots and bathrooms with NFL & NBA players. No righteous, right minded woman would put herself in that situation. The only people who have a problem understanding this are blue-pilled beta males who believe that their women would NEVER put herself in this situation. If you’re going to be in a relationship, why make it easier for her to cheat or monkey branch to another male on your dime? Many women have put themselves in this situation only to blame a slipped dick inside her P-sleeve on the alcohol. You can never take a bar crawling, club hopping woman seriously.

Check out my video on this subject on my AskCoachGregAdams YouTube channel.